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Use sauna suits to get the most out of your workouts. Experience the benefits of sauna suits in your next workout at Xist Fitness in Missouri.

For people who are looking to boost their fitness routine, sauna suits can be an effective tool. These suits are designed to promote sweating during exercise, which can have a range of benefits for the body. In this blog, we’ll explore what sauna suits are, how they work, and the potential benefits they can offer. […]

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Personal Training Xist Fitness Missouri

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, build muscle, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, personal training may be the solution you’re looking for. Xist Fitness offers professional and experienced personal trainers who can help you reach your fitness goals in a safe, effective, and enjoyable manner.   Benefits of Personal Training. Personal […]

Red Light Therapy in Missouri | Xist Fitness

Red Light Therapy Xist Fitness Missouri

Red Light Therapy: A Revolutionary Way to Improve Fitness in the St. Louis Area. Enhance your fitness routine and boost your overall health at Xist Fitness. We offer the latest and greatest in fitness technology, including red light therapy, a powerful and natural way to improve your well-being at our locations in Arnold and Concord […]

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Group fitness classes Xist Fitness Missouri

If you’re like most people, the thought of exercising in front of other people might make your stomach turn. But we’ve got a secret for you: group fitness is actually amazing. And at Xist, it’s what we do best. Here at Xist, we offer a wide range of classes that are designed to help you […]

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Fitness Apps Personal Training Xist Fitness Missouri

Fitness apps have become a popular tool for people looking to stay in shape and track their progress. With the rise of technology, there are now countless fitness apps available for download on your smartphone. These apps cater to all fitness levels and offer a variety of workout plans, tracking tools and programs, from yoga […]

Meramec River Float Trips in Missouri | Xist Fitness

Meamec River missouri Xist Fitness

The Meramec River, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is a popular destination for those looking to float and enjoy the beauty of nature. The river offers a variety of floating options, from peaceful and relaxing floats to more adventurous and thrilling experiences.   Stretching for over 250 miles through Missouri, the Meramec River provides a […]

Saunas in Missouri | Xist Fitness

Sauna missouri

Saunas are a great way to unwind and relax after a long day at the office. They can help reduce stress, improve circulation and even boost your metabolism. Looking for a sauna in Missouri? Xist Fitness has you covered. All things fitness are at your fingertips with Xist’s variety of membership plans, flexible hours, and […]

Hydromassages in Missouri | Xist Fitness 

Hydromassage Missouri Xist Fitness

Hydromassage can help you relax, unwind, and soothe your muscles after a long day of work or a workout session at the gym. It’s also a great way to keep your body moving and your mind clear in between workouts.   In this blog post, we’ll be talking about how hydromassage can benefit you no […]

Spray Tans in Missouri | Xist Fitness

Spray Tan Missouri

If you’re looking for a spray tan, look no further than your local Xist Fitness. We’re located in Concord and Arnold, and we’ve got the best spray tans around! But before you head out the door, there are a few things you should know: How to prepare for a spray tan. Spray tanning is a […]