How Long to Stay in a Sauna

Xist Fitness Sauna Amenit

One of the most common fitness amenities is a sauna! Whether you’re looking to relax or detox, a sauna is a great place to start. Saunas are utilized to increase blood circulation in the body – better blood flow transports higher volumes of oxygen to your body… thus resulting in quicker replacement of worn-out cells! […]

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Xist Fitness

Approximately 85% of Americans will experience some form of ligament, muscle, nerve and/or soft tissue pain during (and throughout) their lifetime! Not to mention, most people spend 90% of their time indoors, thus, lacking exposure to necessary natural lights for optimal health. Fortunately for our Xist Fitness members, we have our very own, in-house, Red […]

Versaspa Spray Tan

A Versaspa Spray Tan is a sunless tanning option that provides a superior salon-style experience! Because Versaspa has no UV exposure, you are not putting your overall health in danger. Versaspa Spray Tan has an open spray tan booth with three spray nozzles for an even, full-body, bronze glow. The open spray tan booth provides […]