Versaspa Spray Tan

A Versaspa Spray Tan is a sunless tanning option that provides a superior salon-style experience! Because Versaspa has no UV exposure, you are not putting your overall health in danger. Versaspa Spray Tan has an open spray tan booth with three spray nozzles for an even, full-body, bronze glow. The open spray tan booth provides an easy, relaxing experience, resulting in a natural-looking spray tan! Versaspa Pro’s breakthrough odor control technology removes unpleasant odors typically associated with any sunless tanning experience. Versaspa Spray Tan is formulated with tanning solutions infused with marine algae to detoxify, firm, and rejuvenate your skin! Its Grape Seed Extract formula helps stimulate collagen and improve your skin’s overall appearance.


With various options to choose from, we suggest the protector and moisturizer options; together, these options hydrate your skin and can extend the life of your professional spray tan! Adding ‘protector’ to your spray tan experience will balance your skin’s pH levels to counteract an orange undertone, quicken development time, and intensify the tanning results. With our Versaspa Pro UV-Free Spray Tanning amenity, you have the ability to choose your spray tan intensity. We provide four options:


Level 1 – Light

Level 2 – Medium

Level 3 – Dark

Level 4 – Dark+




These four options option Versaspa Pro Tanning to all members of our Xist Fitness family. Similar to the protector mentioned above, we also suggest adding ‘moisturizer’ to your Versaspa Spray Tan experience. We know moisturized skin is ideal for maintaining healthy-looking skin but adding ‘moisturizer’ to your spray tan experience takes it to a whole new level. Formulated with Green Tea Extract (helps reduce damage and environmental stress on the skin) and Ginger Root Extract (helps increase circulation) moisturizer provides immediate hydration that will enhance your tan, deepening and extending color development, keeping it natural-looking longer! 


A Versaspa Pro Spray Tan will begin to darken your skin in as little as two to three hours after application. Your peak tan will occur within approximately 24 hours! Just like a tan from the sun, your color will gradually fade through natural skin exfoliation. A Versaspa Spray Tan should last between five to seven days, depending on the formulation you choose and the condition of your skin. Your Versaspa Spray Tan will last longer if it is well maintained. Even though you can sunless tan (spray tan) as often as you want, we recommend utilizing Xist Fitness’s Versaspa Pro UV-Free Spray tanning amenity every nine to twelve days! This nine-to-twelve-day time frame allows you time to enjoy your current tan, exfoliate your skin, and prep your skin for the next Versaspa appointment! Just like you maintain a gym routine here at Xist Fitness, we suggest you maintain a proper spray tan care routine with our Versaspa Pro UV-Free Spray Tanning amenity! Maintaining a healthy spray tan skin care routine will help keep an even spray tan looking new.


We highly suggest you do not shower right before (or after) your Versaspa Spray Tan; this ensures your body is able to absorb the DHA (dihydroxyacetone – the active ingredient in most self-tanning products). DHA is derived from a vegetable source (beets or sugar cane) and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Showering the same day is fine but do so at least four hours prior to your Versaspa Spray Tan experience. A warm shower or bath will enlarge your pores; therefore, the tanning solution could sit in your pores and create unwanted dark looking spots. The minimum time to shower after a Versaspa Pro Tan is four hours; however, we suggest waiting eight hours to shower after your spray tan. Waiting to shower allows your skin to absorb the DHA products, giving your body the intensified glow you hoped for!


Looking to enhance your sunless tanning experience? Versaspa has its own at-home products created to enhance and extend your Versaspa Pro UV-Free Spray Tan! Over the counter products are not always formulated for proper sunless tanning; they may even block your skin from the tanning application. Be sure to ask our front desk Xist Fitness associates for more information.