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Fit Tips: >> 12 Days of Christmas Workout

Here’s a holiday workout from our Director of Personal Training, Patrick– as seen on Fox2!

12 Steps to Christmas Workout

This is a great workout for anyone who might not have the time to hit the gym over the Holidays. This doesn’t require any equipment- just a little space and your body weight! Follow along to the 12 Days of Christmas song. Ready? Here’s how to do it:

First, do one rep of the first movement, then 2 reps of the second movement followed by 1 rep of the first movement. Next comes 3 reps of the third movement, 2 reps of the second movement, and 1 rep of the first movement. Go as far as you can go- try make it all the way up to twelve! You can also substitute different movements. Just follow the song and make it your own favorite workout!

1 Burpee
2 Walk outs
3 Jumping Jacks
4 Squats
5 pushups
6 mountain climbers
7 alternating lunges
8 crunches
9 high knees
10 side lunges
11 leg lifts
12 skaters

Happy Holidays from Xist Fitness!

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